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Unlock your customer community

Outline unifies customer activity across platforms, enabling teams to automate workflows, measure impact, and grow a thriving community at scale.


The relationship between users and products is changing
Users are being acquired and nurtured across multiple platforms, by multiple teams, at every stage of the customer journey
Making it impossible for us to connect, measure value, and grow relationships with the most influential users of our products

We believe there's a better way

A better way to build products alongside the people we're building them for
A better way to unlock rich customer insights from prospect through renewal
A better way for teams to come together to build better roadmaps, go-to-market strategies, and relationships with the people that matter most —
Your customers. Your prospects. Your community.

We believe there's a better way to bring community to the center of everything.

Meet Outline

Outline integrates with the tools you're already using — like Slack, Twitter, Zendesk, and more — to give you a unified view of what's happening across your community. From prospect through renewal, we've got you covered.

Create a single lens into your community

Unify activity across platforms to create a single profile for each community member. Easily segment members by stage, influence, and more.

Unlock insights across the customer journey

Break down silos across teams and products with community insights collected across the customer journey — champions, at-risk users, trending topics.

Grow relationships with the people who matter most

Automate workflows that reduce churn and increase revenue. Share updates and measure impact to transform every community member into a champion.

Ready to grow your community?

We're bringing customers to the center of every team


Identify, nurture, and transform community members into product advocates at every stage of the customer journey.

Customer Success

Identify customer champions, track risk and upsell opportunities, and keep every team aligned around top customer priorities.


Bring your vision to life alongside your users. Share updates, gather feedback, and measure impact of new feature development.


Leverage the voice of customer in your go-to-market strategy. Position your brand better in market by knowing your users inside and out.

One-click integrations

Did someone say integrations? We got 'em — and they are super simple to get started with. Don't see what you're looking for? Submit a request

Welcome to the future of community engagement


Grow a thriving customer community.
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