Put your customers at the center of everything

Outline is a collaborative workspace to manage customers, align cross-functionally on user needs and feedback, and deliver unified success at scale — all from a single platform.

One, prioritized workspace

Capture customer needs and feedback across any channel, coordinate with teammates in real-time, and proactively close the loop with customers — all from a single platform.

Powerful customer management at scale

Source of truth
Customer activity, notes, and tasks in one, unified view.
Cross-team collaboration
Easily align internal teammates around shared customer needs.
Customer insights
Automatically know who to engage, when, and with what context.
Product roadmap
Aggregated views of customer needs and feedback.
Workflow productivity
Uplevel your workflow and spend more time doing what matters.
Proactive engagement
Close the loop with customers directly from Outline.

Deliver success like never before

Outline is the first Customer Success platform that works the way you work. Prioritize, manage, and engage your customers all from one, easy-to-use platform (finally).

Say hello to your new workflow

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