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August 19th, 2020

Introducing Outline

By Outline Team

Put your customers at the center of everything.

We believe that your customers define your success story. Your company's growth is determined by your customers' success — it's no coincidence that the most iconic companies have the happiest customers. The art of developing meaningful relationships, driving adoption, and ensuring engagement throughout the customer journey requires both strategic alignment and coordination. Customer Success emerged nearly a decade ago for this exact reason.

A lot has changed since then. But the software hasn't.

Customer Success teams are operating in completely new ways. There's a larger focus on the overall customer experience as workflows have become more collaborative, needs have become more dynamic, and the stakes have become higher. The majority of tools today are passive and reactive dashboards that require you to do the core of your work elsewhere. We're setting out to change that.

Meet Outline.

We're on a mission to make Customer Success the central operating system of your organization. Outline makes it simple to manage customers, align cross-functional teammates on user needs and feedback, and deliver unified success at scale — all from one platform (finally!). We're supercharging your workflow so you can spend more time focusing on what matters, your customers.

Our team has spent years designing and building software on high-growth teams. We've experienced firsthand the impact of aligning everyone around the voice of the customer. This is where magic happens, and we're enabling every team, and every company, to experience that.

We can’t wait to show you what’s next.

Outline is currently in private beta with select customers, but you can sign up for our waitlist here. We want to thank our early investors — South Park Commons, Parker Thompson and Matt Tillman of TnT Ventures, Mat Johnson, among other incredible angels — our early advisors, Sunil Joseph, and our early customers for not only sharing our vision but also laying the foundation to make it possible. We cannot wait to build Outline alongside you all.

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