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September 2nd, 2020

Putting your customers at the center of everything

By Liz Ferguson

Riddle me this – what is a company without customers? Nothing. Zilch. Zip. Nada.

Customer Success = Company Success

In successful companies, customers drive everything, regardless of their size, industry, or location. Customers are always at the center of those company’s decisions. Customers drive new growth through referrals and brand awareness. After all, your current customers make up 80% of your company's overall ARR. In short, your customers are the most valuable asset that your company has.

Now, let’s talk about Customer Success.

You’re the ones who work with customers on a day-to-day basis. You're the first to hear their feedback and what they need. You know exactly what needs to be done to make them successful. Keeping an eye on what's needed both strategically and tactically and aligning your internal teammates can be tough to manage.

You are essential to your customer's success. 

You are the peanut butter to their jelly. Your work is critical to driving your company's product and business decisions and, ultimately, its success.

To coordinate with Product, you might submit a ticket using a form, track that ticket in another system, and alert them to the urgency through a third process. To take notes on your client interactions, you might use one system, but need to capture their health in another. You probably use another system or two to communicate directly with your clients and your Sales teams.

Your most important work is happening everywhere.

There should be a more streamlined, intuitive, and actionable system that supports the core of your work, all from one place.

That's why we're building Outline. 

We believe in putting you at the core of everything, so your customers can be at the center of every decision. We want to help you drive product-led growth through scalable customer growth and happy users.

Imagine using a single platform to share your customers’ product needs and upsell opportunities with your internal teammates, to track your meeting notes and next steps, and even to close the loop with the customers themselves. We're supercharging your workflows so you can focus more on what really matters - your customer relationships. With the extra time you get from a more efficient system, you'll be able to create even stronger relationships at scale.

The most successful companies out there are realizing the importance of the Customer Success role. Let's make your job easier, more efficient, and, ultimately, more impactful for your business and your customers.

With Outline, you're putting your customers at the center of it all. ⚡

Say hello to customer-led growth


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