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October 27th, 2020

Entering the Collaborative Workflow Era

By Liz Ferguson

Sit back, relax, and hop in the way back machine - let's look at how Customer Success is evolving.

Over the past decade, we've primarily focused on individual CS workflows to manage our customers on a case-by-case, or rather, customer-by-customer basis. For the most part, we focused on productivity.

Don't get me wrong - productivity is absolutely necessary. However, the most innovative and successful teams are now adding cross-functional alignment and communication to the Customer Success list. Start with our attention to customer-specific needs, add in distributed teams (even before Covid), and voila! You've got the need for crystal-clear communication and laser-focused alignment across departments in your organization.

So, where is all that data kept?

Now, let's travel to the past again for a moment. Sales had one relationship with the customer but handed them off once signing the contract. CS had an ongoing relationship with the customer, but the product team also had various interactions with the customer, as did the marketing team. Each interaction is a valuable piece of data.

More often than not, Sales tracked customer conversations in one place. CS might have used the same platform to some degree, but probably also had notes in Evernote, scratched on a piece of paper, or even in email drafts(!). The notes from a Help Desk ticket or a product request? That was almost definitely in a third or fourth system.

Locking up customer data across teams (maybe even between individuals) creates multiple moments for repeated internal processes, missed customer expectations, and increased churn risk. 

Companies end up chasing one-off product decisions to appease users on a customer-by-customer basis. That process is not scalable, nor does it lend itself to creating a cohesive product/value story over time. And that makes your job 10x harder.

Welcome to the Collaborative Workflow Era for Customer Success

Good news! We're building the next generation of CS software that focuses on cross-team collaboration and alignment to make you, your customers, and your company more successful. 

We're creating a collaborative, workflow-oriented platform that enables you to scale your customers alongside your business. We're bringing the customer to the center of your organization to make every company truly customer-centric. 

Outline enables you to manage customers, align cross-functionally on user needs and feedback, and deliver unified success - all from one place.

Let's create a customer movement internally - let's make you more efficient, your workflow smoother, and your customers happier! You can join the movement 👉 here.

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